Estudio Mur

Estudio Mur of Architecture, Canary Islands, began its work in 1991 with the close contribution between Pablo Romero Mur and Antonio Rivarés Bolivar. An ample number of specialists have contributed during the years reinforcing therefore the needs of each project.

Our knowledge and experience in the construction field is endorsed by the activity started by CYEESA (Construcciones y Edificios Especiales S.A.) created in 1966 by our father Armando Romero Torrent when he constructed the Altavista Market in Gran Canaria. He also notably participated in the touristic development of the southern area of Gran Canaria building over a hundred of hotels as well as civil and social infrastructures.

It was then when Grupo Mur was formed, run now by my family, where already four generations have worked at and are still doing so by continuously evolving vocationally and actively in the touristic sphere of the Canary Islands. Grupo Mur owns several hotels and businesses very positively valued by the specialized sector, proving our experience and knowledge in the field.

Paradores de Turismo de España is one of Estudio Mur’s main clients for whom it has developed several projects in the Paradores of Gomera, Hierro and Cañadas del Teide, Tenerife.

Estudio Mur has accomplished projects in five of the seven Canary Islands as well as being in contact and having professional relationship with other countries. Estudio Mur has worked in a wide spectrum of projects, in diverse fields such as hospitality, housing, industries, sanitary, schools etc… and its close and regular collaboration with important engineering companies opens up a horizon with its only limit being our imagination.

Estudio Mur has had some of its work published both National and Internationally.

Pablo Romero Mur. Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Renovación Turística. Hostelería. Islas Canarias.